Plus Size Travel Clothing

The Must-Have Items & Style Tips

When considering plus size travel clothing you will need to focus on packing more for less. This means finding lightweight clothing, items that pack small and, importantly, versatile clothing – items that double up and will therefore take up less beloved backpack space.

Another important rule to remember when selecting plus size travel clothes is to focus on clothing that is purposely made for travel; these clothes are a backpacker’s best friend as they are quick drying, wrinkle free and packable.

Your travel wardrobe will need to be minimal – don’t forget that you will be lugging your backpack around with you for weeks, months – even years – on end, so you must make sure that your load is as portable as possible. And this starts with your clothes. The best advice is to take only the essentials – don’t go overboard. Not sure what the essentials are? Read on to find out!

Essential Plus Size Travel Clothing

Plus Size Travel Raincoat

A travel raincoat is an essential item that has the potential to take up a lot of room in your backpack. Ensure that you have a travel-friendly plus size travel coat with you and save yourself buckets of backpack space!

Convertible Pants

Opt for plus size trousers that zip off to convert into shorts. These will take up far less room up in your backpack than an individual pair of shorts and trousers. A comfortable pair of travel pants are an essential item to have with you on your trip for those many long bus rides!


A long sleeved top will be a staple item in your travel wardrobe – make sure that it is comfortable, and in a neutral colour so that you can team it with your bottoms.


If the beach may be a source of anxiety for you the best way to combat this is to ensure that know what style of swimwear suits your figure – make sure you find out what the best swimwear for your shape is before you hit the road


if you have wide feet then ensure that you select shoes that have been built to fit your foot’s shape. Trust me; there is nothing worse than being on the road with ill-fitted shoes. Make sure before you set off on your backpacking trip that your shoes are perfectly fitted. It is also a good idea to try and break new shoes in before you set off as well – you don’t want to be using up your supply of plasters on blisters!

3 Top Style Tips For Plus Size Travel Clothing

If you want a helping hand with what style of clothing to go for then check out these top style tips:


Darker shades are minimizing (Note – this does not only mean that your whole travel wardrobe should be black) – try and stick to these shades when selecting your plus size travel clothing.

Patterns and prints

know what patterns and prints to go for and which ones to avoid. Do not choose travel clothing with large prints or horizontal stripes – this creates a widening effect; if you want strips, go for vertical ones and if you want patterns, go for small ones.

Avoid shapeless clothing

Don’t choose clothes that are too big for you and make sure that opt for items that have a good fit – baggy clothes will make you appear larger than you really are: don’t do yourself an injustice!

Plus Size Travel Clothing – Travel Elements

Make sure that you choose items that have been designed for travelling; you will want to have clothing with the following features:

  • Micro-fibre (this fabric will dry quicker).
  • Packable (i.e. folds small)
  • Wrinkle-free (beat the creased look!)
  • Lightweight materials (pack light).

Top Tips

  • If you want to inject some colour into your outfits then do this through accessorizing– pack a few small and colourful accessories with you to brighten up your travel outfits – necklaces are a lot more packable than clothes! Guys – think about adding some colour to your clothing with accessories such as bright scarfs or hats.
  • Don’t forget to pack the most versatile clothes.
  • Consider your choice of colours – opt for neutral colours so that your clothes match – you will not have the luxury of selecting items from a fully-fledged wardrobe, so make sure that the plus size travel clothing you choose is colour coordinated, otherwise you will be spending your trip being mismatched…!

Now you know what plus size travel clothes to take, why not find out what else should be in your backpack... 

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