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How to Backpack the World Forever!

Finding jobs that require travel means thinking outside the box, being open to suggestions and new ways of living; really, it means opening you’re mind to how you live and taking a chance. Are you prepared to do that? I mean, really prepared? I thought so….

Having a job that requires travel means that you can have a career that you love, but it also means that you can continue to do what you love: travelling!

Too many people abide by the preconception that after studying we should ‘get a job’ – this usually boils down to working in monotonous 9 – 5 where most of the day is spent clock watching. That’s not what life is about – and backpacker’s know this better than anyone. Right?!

Life doesn’t have to be like that. Imagine if you could earn money whilst travelling, earn money for travelling, and travel until your heart’s content, not when the wallet’s empty. Well, I have news for you: YOU CAN!

Listed below are jobs that require travel, ways of making money when on the road and also travel opportunities that don't involve spending money so you can keep going forever!

I am going to make it my mission to continue to grow this list, so do come back for regular updates!

Work on a yacht...

Imagine cruising around the Mediterranean sea in a billion dollar super yacht... and getting paid for it! Well, I have some news for you: getting a yacht job is easier than you think....

Yachting is a fantastic way of travelling the world and saving up a bundle of cash whilst you do it. Not only do most yachting jobs pay very well, but $1,000 dollar tips are commonplace. 

A good friend of mine has been working on super yachts for the past five years and has given me some amazing insider secrets about how to get into this exclusive industry - check out this guide to getting a yacht job to turn this dream job into a reality! 


There are a lot of people out there who are earning enough money with their blogs to fund their travels. This is one of the most ideal “travel jobs” – why? Because it isn’t really a job at all; you get to write about something you love, whilst earning passive incoming through the web that funds your travels.

Sound like an easy option? Think again! The best things in life are never easy, and this isn’t either. You will need to be a good writer (or have enough cash flow to outsource articles), business savvy, and computer literate. If you can tick off those things, it’s a good start.

You will need to learn what makes a “good” blog, and how to market it; it’s not good enough to just create a blog – who is going to find it? You will need to familiarise yourself with social media marketing strategies and other Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tools. If you’re prepared to put in the hard yards, then you could well be living your ultimate dream!

Check out this fantastic resource for top tips and inside info - The Huffington Post Complete Guide To Blogging 

Working Holiday Schemes...

Many countries offer working holiday schemes and this is perfect if you want to travel and work abroad. Obtaining a working holiday visa enables you to work abroad for a certain period of time depending on the country's restrictions.

Usually you must be under 30 years of ago to apply for this type of visa. Holding this visa means that you can work in any job that you wish. If you're planning to head overseas with a working holiday visa then check out how to secure a job when travelling. 

Tour guide...

Do you love meeting new people? Passionate about a particular place? This could be the job for you! Applying for a job through an existing agency is the easiest option for becoming a tour guide, however, you can always try going it alone and promoting your services through word of mouth and the web.

Work on a cruise ship...

If you're looking for jobs that require travel then this is a good option as cruise ships need a whole host of different positions (bartender, chef, entertainer, kitchen hand, cleaner to name but a few).

Au pair...

Being an au pair will mean taking care of a family’s (usually a wealth family’s) children and it also usually involves household chores. Being an au pair can take you anywhere in the world – it is advisable that if you are going to be doing this in a country whose first language is not your own that you learn the language. If you are interested in this option then this is a good resource to check out:


You won’t be earning money with this option, but you will get free food and accommodation... WWOOFING stands for Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms and involves you lending a helping hand on organic farms in return and in return for your labour you will get food and accommodation. You won't usually be required to work full time hours, but scheduled work varies depending on what farm you choose to work on. There are WWOOFING opportunities all over the world; it is a great opportunity to experience the local culture as well as keep travel expenses to a minimum. To discover more about WWOOFING check out this guide. 

Travel writer...

Because this is a popular option, it is ripe with competition. However, there is still space in the market if you are good. Research travel writing agencies such as Lonely Planet and Rough Guides and see what opportunities are on offer. Note that if you apply for a position you will be asked to send an extract of your work, so have one – a very good one, prepared!


Are you a keen writer? Then get scribbling! A novelist only needs a pen and paper – or in this day and age, a laptop and internet! With the age of technology growing these days you may not need to even bother finding an agent and can self-publish with an e-book. Creating an e-book means that you have more control over what, when and how you publish. 

Travel photographer...

Another popular option, but still possible to make money. A good option for making money with your photos is to use websites such as istockphoto ( – if they approve your images you can list them for sale and once bought you will get a percentage of the profits.

English Teacher...

Depending on where you choose to teach, this can be a very lucrative option, and there is no shortage of places to choose from, or positions to be won.

Volunteer Abroad...

You might not be earning cash, but there are plenty of volunteering companies out there that offer programmes which are free and include accommodation.

volunteer abroad

Flight attendant...

Not an ideal option if you just want to backpack, but as far as jobs that require travel go, it's not a bad option; it will mean that you get to travel and check out some awesome places… even if it is only for 12 hours!


When considering jobs that require travel a translator is a fantastic option if you are able to speak another language. Become bi lingual and the world’s your oyster….!

More inspiration...

In the meantime, to get more inspiration for living a life of travel take a look at this awesome book by Rolf Potts called Vagabonding; An Uncommon Guide To The Art Of Long Term Travel. Nearly every long term traveller that I have met, myself included, has read this book - check it out...

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